Hippo Cocoon Toolkit

Alternative, Apache Cocoon 3.0 based, toolkit for building web sites while relying upon Hippo CMS and Repository.

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New Hippo CMS features with old Apache Cocoon power

Loving all these shining new features by Hippo CMS 7.x but missing the pipeline power you used to have with Hippo CMS 6.x and Apache Cocoon?

Want to develop a modern Hippo CMS powered website with coolest technologies (HTML 5, REST, JSON, AJAX, ...)?

Hippo Cocoon Toolkit (a.k.a. HCT) comes to the rescue by empowering the latest evolution (3.0) of Apache Cocoon together with Hippo CMS and repository.

What HCT is like

With Hippo Cocoon Toolkit you can:

  1. build standalone Apache Cocoon webapps, taking control of the whole navigation;
  2. embed Hippo CMS content in JEE webapps managed by other frameworks (like as Apache Wicket for example);
  3. enhance your Hippo Site Toolkit (HST) site with some interesting HCT features like XML and PDF generation of documents stored in the Hippo repository.

Is this Open Source?

All the code and documentation are released under terms of Apache License 2.0.